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The Scented Soldier

Watermelon Lemonade Car Air Freshener

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Juicy and refreshing watermelon touched with lemon bursts of spring water and sweet southern sugar.


  1. Unscrew wooden top.

  2. Remove plastic stopper.

  3. Replace wooden top.

  4. Tip the bottle to wet the wooden top.

  5. Hang in desired location using cord.

  6. When scent is needs to be refreshed, tip the bottle to wet the top again.

Do not drink

Avoid contact with eyes

Keep away from children & pets


Net Wt. 0.25 oz (7 gm)

Top Notes: Sugar, Iced Lemon, Green Mandarin
Mid Notes: Watermelon, Lily of the Valley, Poppy
Base Notes: Musk

This scent is a blend of tangy lemons with a hint of sugar poured over sweet juicy watermelon.