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The Scented Soldier

Pilgrim's Pie Soy Candle

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Candles are made with 100% soy wax with no additives and a cotton braided core wick to ensure a clean burn. Do not settle for a candle that will put soot on your walls or ceiling!

Candle Care:

  • Burn your candle for 2+ hours on first use

  • Trim your wick before each use to 1/4 inch (5mm)

  • The ideal surface for use is heat safe, away from draft, and out of reach of pets, children and/or draperies & furniture

Top Notes: Pumpkin Lemon Mid Notes: Champagne, Grapes, Nutmeg, Smoked Cinnamon Base Notes: Vanilla, Tea Leaves, Hickory

This scent is a blend of Pumpkin Lemon, followed by Champagne, Grapes, Nutmeg, Smoked Cinnamon with a base of Vanilla, Tea Leaves, Hickory.